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CampusHousePrayerOne of the greatest needs that each of us has is the need for community.  His House strives to be more than a place to come and worship, or a place to come and learn about Jesus.  Our desire is to be a community; a community right here on the the campus of NMU.  We want to invite you to get involved by joining us in our pursuit of Loving, Encouraging, Serving, and Seeking the students of Northern.

Here are three ways you can share our vision and connect with us:

Small Groups- Every semester there are small groups that take place throughout campus. Not only are they a way to grow through exposure to God’s Word, but also a great way to connect with and fellowship with other Christians.

Special Events Check out what is going on with His House. Come and get to know some people who want to get to know other Christians and grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Ministry Teams- Each week we try to connect with campus is many different ways.  We need as many people as possible to help make that happen. There are opportunities serve in creative ways like art, technology, advertisements, and music.  There are ways to serve in tangible ways like property maintenance, meeting set up, mission trip planning, and in creating community service projects.  Let us know if you are interested in pitching in!  Contact us.

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    We meet every Wednesday at 7:30pm in our Men's campus house located at 1701 Presque Isle Ave. Hope you can make it!
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