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Where are we?

Our Campus Houses

His House owns and manages two houses near the campus of NMU.  They exist not only as a residence for some of the student leaders of our organization, but more importantly as a ministry tool.  Our houses are open to drop in visitors, students who are seeking some reprieve from the dorms, roommates, Starbucks, or what ever their normal day involves.  Our aim is for them to be a welcoming home away from home.

The Guys’ House

The Guy’s House is located at the corner of Center St. and Presque Isle Ave.  It is the home to 4 men and the His House office.  The guys there host many of our activities and are excited for you to stop in for a visit.

The Girls’ House

The Women’s house is located on the corner of Center St. and Wilkinson Ave.  Four of the girls from our fellowship live there and use the house for an outreach to the women of NMU.  They appreciate visitors and would love to encourage anyone who stops in.


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    We meet every Wednesday at 7:30pm in our Men's campus house located at 1701 Presque Isle Ave. Hope you can make it!
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